No day is truly over, if it makes a memory.

July 29, 2008 at 6:20 am 2 comments

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about something that was pointless? We remember the most weirdest things, things that didn’t even matter one bit while they were happening. And then the stuff you think you would never forget slowly starts to fade away from your mind. Just the other day I remembered something I didn’t even know, well thats what I thought then. But its not that I didn’t know it, its that I completely had forgotten that it happened to me. The other day I walked into this bakery when I got off the train and the smell reminded me of this other Bakery I used to go to with my grandma back where I was born. It’s not even DEJA-VU, because I remember what had happened and where it happened. It’s crazy how a smell could bring back memories, something so simple, but so strong. And remembering stuff usually catches me off guard. It happens in the most random times. I could be completely busy and rushing around, and then for some reason I see something, or just simply remember something, and I just stop what I’m doing. It’s like everything around you stops, not literally but you lose focus on what you were doing, and thats whats stuck on your mind. It’s just weird how one moment from so long ago, can come back and then take you back to that moment.


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Pictures hold memories, other then your own. 14 minutes.

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  • 1. leavingevangeline  |  July 30, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    I tend to remember everything about everything…except names. I can’t remember names. But, I can tell you what the guy I dated 14 years ago was wearing on our third date. (Yellow Polo shirt with white and green horizontal stripes…khaki shorts.)

    But, yes…scents…and music always shove me hard into my memories.

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