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Stuff would be easier if you would forget the wrong I’ve done. You tell me to look towards the future and forget the past all the time, but it feels like you’re the one who is staying in the past. Holding grudges with me because of the past. When my time comes forget the wrong I’ve done, think of reasons why you would miss me. None of us have been perfect, far from it. But I don’t hold stuff against you, or think of stuff you have done in the past and then mention it to  you and use it as an excuse to have a distance from you. When YOU say future I look to it, and the only times I look at the past is when I’m reminded of it. I think i’ve made myself pretty clear that I have changed, and want to change even more. I have talked to people and I’ve come to the conclusion that the WORST feelings ever is feeling like you aren’t wanted and that certain people keep finding reason to pick at you  and make you feel bad about yourself. And it isn’t fair when you aren’t putting them down, and all you ever do is support them and make them feel wanted and like they are your only one. 

“Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.”

Think about it, remember it, make it happen.


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Youth and Government Forgetting has it’s benefits.

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