Longest hour of my LIFE.

January 9, 2009 at 2:16 am Leave a comment

That hour started when the phone rang during sixth period English. The phone rang, and I was called into the office. Whenever anybody gets called into the office, you can hear the whole class whispering about what they think that person might have done. Nobody seems to ever think that just maybe they aren’t in trouble. That was my case. I walked the long way to the office to take my time, dreading going back to that class and continuing on with The Great Gatsby. It was a cold day and the sky looked like the ash thats left over after a fire. I entered the office curiously, but to my disappointment all I was called in for was for the annual Blood Drive I had signed up for months ago. But then again I was thrilled, because it meant no going back to class. I grabbed my slip and headed towards the cafeteria where the event was taking place. When I entered the smell of blood crawled up my nose. It smelled like rust, and it made me light headed. To be honest I hate blood and giving blood, but its for a good cause, thats enough for me. I signed in my name and sat down in the chair. They recorded my blood pressure and made the chair go down, so that I was in a laying down position. Before I knew it, the needle was stuck in and sucking away at my blood. The minutes passed and the bag filled. I left the classroom towards the office at 3:01 PM, it was now 3:20 PM, time was going by slowly, and it wasn’t in a good way. I constantly looked up at the clock and every time only one minute had passed prior to the last. Was it me or was the bag filling up less then before? It was me. 3:50 PM, finally. The same nurse as before was by my side taking the needle out and wrapping my arm in a pink bandaid, and cutting out a heart shape with another bandaid and placing it on the bandaid where the needle had been sunk in. I had about 5 stickers that said “I DONATED!” on them, I don’t even know how they got on me, but there they were sucking onto the fabric of my shirt. I signed off and they thanked me, and I was done. It was exactly 4:00 Pm and I was headed home. The longest hour of my life had just passed, and it wasn’t the best hour. Lets just say I rather have been reading The Great Gatsby.


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2009 Hope I hate this part.

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