I hate this part.

January 24, 2009 at 11:08 pm Leave a comment

I keep telling myself I’ll make this blog better and better. I’m lying to myself. I guess I have nothing to write about that might interest you, or maybe I have a lot to write about, but just don’t know how to. I doubt you want to hear about my life, but I could be wrong. What are people interested in reading about these days anyways. Rumors, politics, the economy and how we are on our way into the Great Depression all over again? I don’t want to write about these things, but then who is going to even read my blog. Lets look at reality, and write about that. Because I’m good at it. I read about 50 people’s blogs a day. From peoples lives, to Obama, and how hard people try to get where they are at. I feel like every blog is the same, no originality. Don’t get me wrong there is people who have very original random, unique blogs. But a lot of it is just about what we already know. I’m not promising better posts anymore. If you like it, read it. If you don’t, then I’m sorry.


+ I’m enjoying 2009 so far. Are you? I feel like I have finally realized that I need to make myself happy before I got out of my way for others. I’m not letting little things bring me down. I guess you can say my “resolution” is to be positive, and forget the little things. I admit, I let things eat me up way too easily. So I will try to let stuff slide by, the little things at least. 

I think it sucks, when you are willing to do stuff to make other stuff better, and that person says they will too. But then its like the same thing again. Different day, same story. It takes two to make things work. If you are willing to, I sure as hell am too. Someone once said, “The only way to love something, is to realize it could be lost.” I have realized this, hopefully you will to.


Sincerely, Téa


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