It’s like working with Wilhelmina Slater.

January 25, 2009 at 5:00 am Leave a comment

So, it’s official I HATE her. Hate is a strong word I would say, but I mean it. I hate working with her, and how she thinks she is always right. First off, she apparently has no friends, and doesn’t ever go out, but yet she makes her life look oh so fabulous. Then she is on this new diet, that involves ordering food online and following their rules. HA. Ever heard of hitting the gym, and doing it nice the old fashioned way where you ACTUALLY see results? I was nice to her when I first met her, obvious thing to do right? But I regret it. I know I sound bitter, but how can you not, when its like you work with the devil. When I sit down and actually think about her I laugh, because she really has no life. And she always says not to cause drama, and how she hates it. But she starts it, funny right? Oh and the funniest of all, is that she thinks people like her. Someone help me, should I ignore her? Isn’t work supposed to be the place where you leave everything behind and just focus on work? I thought so, but apparently when all work is, is just another drama scenario.


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Estrogen. The Game.

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